National Urban League Conference Featured Trailblazing Leaders Beatty, Boyce & Hardin

One of the most compelling elements of the National Urban League Conference each year is the opportunity it offers for the Movement to get to know trailblazing leaders in the host city and region. This year we we were fortunate to be welcomed to Columbus, Ohio, by the outstanding elected officials who are making a difference there:

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

– Proudly represents Ohio’s Third Congressional District in the United States Congress. She sits on the exclusive Committee on Financial Services and is a member of two Subcommittees: Housing and Insurance and Oversight and Investigations.

– Beatty was recently honored with the Women of Power Award during the 2018 National Urban League Conference for her leadership in enacting legislation and advancing the issues and causes important to all women, children, and families in Congress.

– First African-American female to chair the Columbus Urban League Board, and is a life member of the NAACP and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as well as a member of The Links, Inc., the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, National Council of Negro Women, the American Heart Association, and numerous other organizations.

“Now more than ever, we need resilient and committed advocates for all families, organizations, and people willing to stand up and speak out without hesitation on issues that count. We cannot tolerate the economic, racial and social disparities that have long divided us any longer. I am proud to team up with the Columbus Urban League and the National Urban League to transform lives, unleash the creative potential of our people, and sustain our country today and into the future.”

County Commission President Kevin Boyce:

– First African American elected to the commission. Franklin County provides strong, on-going support to CUL, helping to fund a critical portion of CUL’s operating budget and specifically workforce training and summer youth employment initiatives.

– When on Columbus City Council, Kevin led the creation of the African American Male Initiative and this work lives on at CUL, serving restored citizens, non-custodial fathers, and un- and under-employed African American males.

– Spoke during breakfast forum on Inclusive Economic Empowerment, as well as plenary session on shutting down tech’s racial gap at the 2018 NUL Conference. In addition, the County supplied $75,000 toward CUL’s budget for the conference this year, in large part because of Commission President Boyce’s leadership.

“In part because of my own personal experiences growing up in drugs, violence and poverty, I am determined that Franklin County and key partners like the Columbus Urban League will lead our country in achieving true economic mobility and cultivating a truly inclusive economy. History offers us guideposts but it does not preclude us from striking out on new paths. With innovation, determination and thoughtful consideration, we will prove that when everyone can win, we all do.”

Council President Shannon Hardin:

– Key efforts on city council include promoting equality and leveling barriers to transportation, creating new opportunities for small businesses, and working to eliminate opportunity gaps for young men of color.

– Has been involved since the inception of My Brother’s Keeper in Columbus, working with former Mayor Coleman to create the initiative at the city level. CUL oversees the program on the Southside of Columbus, helping 9–15-year-old boys of color make connections that contribute to a healthy, productive life.

– Panelist during “Young, Black & Elected… The New Era of Leadership” forum at the 2018 NUL Conference, in addition to speaking on “No Ceilings on Success: The Politics and Practices of Urban Education.” Also worked with city leaders to provide financial support of $45,000 for the conference.

“As a leader deeply connected to the African American community and the younger generation of millennials who expect to usher in a bold new America, I realize that much of today’s conflicts flow from a resistance to change, a reluctance to acknowledge that our city’s and country’s future do not look the same as the past. I believe in building bridges, forging strong collaborations and reassuring everyone that tomorrow may be different but it also can be positive for all of us.”

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