Know Before You Vote: A Guide

The 2020 Election is here and we’ve got you covered with tips, reminders, and resources so you can cast your ballot safely and effectively. Use + share widely using #ReclaimYourVote!

1. Confirm that you’re registered
2. Check your voting options
3. Find your polling location
4. Know the candidates & issues

— Wear a mask
— Use hand sanitizer
— Stay at least 6 feet away from others

— Pack water + snacks in case lines are long
— Bring your own black/blue pen
— Check if you need to bring ID:
— Mind your dress! Some states restrict political attire. Learn more:

The Election Protection hotline is available to help if you need assistance, encounter voter suppression, or having voting questions.

Call 866-OUR-VOTE

— If the polls close while you’re in line, STAY IN LINE. You have a right to cast your vote.
— If the machines are down, ask for a paper ballot.

Use Lyft code NULVOTE2020 for a free or discounted ride to the polls (up to $25; until supplies last). Share with family, friends, and neighbors!

— Find your polling location:
— Early voting deadlines:
— Locate a dropbox near you for your absentee ballot:
— Sample ballot for your area:

*If you live in Rhode Island, you can go to your City/Town Hall on Election Day and register and vote for President/Vice-President only. More info at